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June 17th.       Added AudioSync project.

May 15st.        Added Knurled Insert How-To.

May 1st.    Added Progress Notes to the LASER DISPLAY.

March 19th.    First image projection of the LASER DISPLAY.

March 13th.    More of the LASER DISPLAY.

March 2nd.    Published the first part of the LASER DISPLAY.

Feb 23rd:       Added the 8x8 LED Matrix project

Feb 21st:       Added ServoEight Project

Pre-2008 Projects:

June 17th.       Added the I2C-SPI LCD Interface

Sept 21st.    Added the Message Pump project.

Sept 21st.    SpikenzieLabs Store is open !

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SpikenzieLabs Store
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Sept 24th.

Added instruction on how to reprogram the FTDI UART’s EEPROM, used in the Message Pump project.

Sept 30th.

New LCD Displays are available at the SpikenzieLabs Store!

These are great for both the I2C Interface and the Message Pump. They feature the more standard 1x16 pin connectors.

Oct 9th.

Added Cool Tools page.

Tools that I like to use.

Cool ToolsCool_Tools.html

Nov 6th.

Added Project 64 / Buttons 64 project.

Info about building a 64 button input device.

Project 64 / Buttons 64Project_64.html

Dec 23rd.

Added Laser Cutter Etcher How To.

Get the most out of your laser cutter or laser cutting service.

Laser Cutter How ToLaser_How_To.html

Dec 29th.

Started to offer the Mini Cuts™ Laser Cutting Service.

Mini Cuts™ is a low cost acrylic laser cutting service for small size jobs.


Ever want to make your Arduino Project talk, or play sound effects? Now there is an easy way to do that, with the VoiceShield™.

The VoiceShield™ is an Arduino shield that you can upload sounds to and then have your Arduino sketch play them back.

Available at the SpikenzieLabs Store.

Jan 21th.

Because of the large interested in the Project 64 button panel I’ve added a downloadable file of the drawing to the Project 64 page.
Now you can build your own !

Jan 20th.

Newer version of the VoiceShield programmer software is now available.

VSProgrammerLite is easier to use and more cross-platform compatible.

Jan 28th.

Jan 31th.

It’s alive !

SpikenzieLabs Store v2.0 is open.

Check out the new store and take advantage of the “moving” specials.

March 5th.

Added LCD - 101

How to use character LCDs, with memory maps, common stumbling blocks and backpack options.

March 18th.

Added:  Meet the MEGA

An introduction to the latest and greatest Arduino !

March 26th.

New serial version of the Message Pump.

Now all models now come with Firmware v2 which includes I2C. Check LCD-101 to learn more about LCDs and backpacks.

April 2nd.

Serial - MIDI Converter

This is software that lets the Arduino (or other micro) work as a MIDI device without any extra hardware!

May 5 th.

Drum Kit - Kit

Turn your Arduino into a drum kit and rock the house !

Easy to build and fun to play.

May 14 th.


Serial MIDI Converter Update


  1. 1.Selectable serial baud rate

  2. 2.Longer list for the serial and MIDI ports

Aug. 24 th.

Mobile Platform

Documenting the process of converting a child’s electric ride-on toy into a mobile robot platform.

Aug. 24 th.

RCDC Board

Control a small DC motor with the same signal used to control a hobby servo.

Sept 21st.

MPTH - Message Pump Through Hole

A very powerful Character LCD back-pack. Now available in an easy to build kit.

Nov 4th.


Build a permanent version of your electronics project with the Prototino™.

Nov 11th.

Serial MIDI Converter:

Important update for Mac users.

Addresses compatibility issues with recent OS X Java updates.

Jan 17th.

Four in a Line

Download the files to make your own version of the classic game.

Dec 24th.



Same great board, even better name!

Jan 24th.

Double Sided PCBs : How to in the home lab!

My “secret” technique for making double sided PCBs in the home electronics lab.

March 21st.


A POV that you program with your Arduino!

April 3rd.

SpikenzieLabs Forum

Having difficulty? Want to share some of your experiences? Check out the new support and feedback forums.

March 21st.

The Sippino, a mini board that is Arduino compatible that is breadboard compatible.

April 28th.

Build your own Wrap It Up Box.

The Wrap It Up Box is a great, albeit not very subtile, way to let your friends or guests know that it time to “Wrap it up”!

June 3rd.

By popular demand, we would like to introduce the 64 Button Shield.

Based on the 64 button projects, with this shield you can easily connect up to 64 buttons to your Arduino.

July 21th.

New easy to build stand alone kit.

The Dice Kit, lets you build a super cool looking electronic dice. All you need is a soldering iron, solder, glue and a screw driver.

No computer or Arduino needed!

Aug 21th.

Introducing the Drum Kit -Kit AI. The next generation in SpikenzieLabs’ Drum Kits. The AI version has an on-board ATmega, screw terminals for the drum pads, MIDI-out and bunch of other great new features.

Sept 20th.


The Solder : Time Watch Kit.

One of the Worlds coolest wrist watches ever.

May. 2011

Jan. 2011

The SpikenzieLabs blog is a blog about stuff we find cool or interesting. We have been practicing our blogging skills and tuning our blog interface. Check it out!

Think of the DKKAI Roadie as your own personal roadie that can travel with your drum kit. It lets you decide, whenever you like, if you want to change that cymbal into a cow bell etc .. Get the roadie working for you!.

Jan. 2011

The Solder : Time II Watch Kit.

One of the Worlds coolest wrist watches ever gets even cooler!

May 2012

The SpikenzieLabs LCD Interface (MPTHv3) now comes with digital back-light control.

May. 2012





How To + Info



Introducing the Music Game Kit, an easy to build fun to play kit that you solder together and then play!

June 2012