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Learn To Solder For A Dollar : Montreal Mini Maker Faire

For Montreal’s first Mini Maker Faire, we hosted the ever popular ‘Learn To Solder For 1$’ tent. Nothing like what we expected.  We have seen photos from other ‘First’ Mini Maker Faires.  Based on that, we were expecting to maybe … Continue reading

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Laser Cut Stenciling for SMT PCB DIY Solder Pasting

Through-Hole soldering is fast, fun and easy.  The parts you populate your PCB’s with are the very same ones you can pull from your breadboard once your project is finished, and you are ready to make a permanent version. What … Continue reading

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The Solder : Time II Watch

After the incredible success of the Solder : Time, we compiled the majority of what was on people’s wish lists for the next version of our Solder : Time Watch. After a great deal of brainstorming, component sourcing, code-wrangling, and … Continue reading

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Cutting PCBs

While building prototypes the need to cut an existing PCBs or generic prototyping PCBs to fit your project will come up once in a while. What I normally do is score the PCB with a box cutting knife or hack … Continue reading

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The Music Challenge Box – Created for CBC’s Canada’s Smartest Person

Oftentimes we get approached to help with a project, and sometimes we are given the mandate to ‘Make Something Awesome’.  Here is one of those times. For CBC’s game show “Canada’s Smartest Person” we were contracted to create an on-set … Continue reading

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Need more pins for your Arduino project?

I was working on an Arduino style project the other day and needed just a couple of more pins. I really didn’t want to add any extra circuitry to the project so I looked at the Atmega328 and wondered how … Continue reading

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New take on a public space piano

d’Art Souterrain (French for Underground Art) does a new take on the public space playable piano keyboard. This installation is located in one of the under ground pedestrian tunnel of Place Ville Marie in Montreal. Their objective was to take a … Continue reading

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Closeup of Piranah LED

What I did here was wire up a piranah tri-color LED, and for a resistance, I used a piece of anti-static chip foam. (The type that we put chips on when we are making kits) Shot these photos with a … Continue reading

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Arduino & Flight Simulator

Down in New Zealand, Jim of Jim’s Page has crafted one of the most ‘home made’ – DIY looking flight sims I’ve ever seen.  Interfacing with an Arduino for a variety of IO, and he’s got his own software that … Continue reading

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Solder : Time™ Watch

Debuted at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011, we created this watch to let your ‘inner geek’ shine.  Soldering isn’t one of your talents? Well, we have these available assembled and ready to wear as well. This started out as a … Continue reading

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