LED Matrix Square 64 x WS2812


  • Model: CK-4010
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Description:This is a 8 x 8 matrix of WS2812 LEDs. Wired up on a square PCB. Mounting holes, and easy through hole connections for +5V, Data In, and GND. There is also a +5V, Data Out, and GND so that you can easily have multiples of these chained together, or mixed in with your other WS2812 LEDs in line. For multiple panels with this quantity of LEDs, we've found that injecting power and ground at the beginning / or end of each set makes for less resistance through each LED. These function in the exact same way as our SPLixels, or Adafruit's NeoPixels.

We were happy to see that the way these are connected on the PCB are each row of 8 restarts at the same position. This makes it work incredibly well as an improvement to our Musixel Kit.

  • Well spaced LEDs
  • Easy to solder on wires
  • 64 pixels of awesome lighting effects!!
You can drive these using our SPLixel Basic or SPLixel Starter Bundle. Additionally you can use the NeoPixel Library for Arduino, developed by Adafruit.

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