Raindrop Sensor


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Description: Raindrop sensor panel and adjustable sensor board.

Specifications: With this pair of sensors, you can acquire data about rainfall, and process it with your Arduino, or other analog sensing micro controllers.

Sensor PCB is 5cm x 4cm, nickel plated against oxidation, providing continuous consistent results.

  • Clean analog waveform output.
  • On board potentiometer for sensitivity adjustments.
  • Runs at 3.3v to 5v.
  • On board digital switching. Can drive devices up to 100ma (buzzer / relay)
  • Mount holes.
  • Power LED, and sensor LED.
  • Uses a LM393 voltage comparator.

Pin One: VCC Positive power supply (3-5V)
Pin Two: GND
Pin Three: Digital out (DO) TTL switching signal output.
Pin Four: Analog out (AO) Analog signal output.

Jumper wires to go between the boards are included.

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