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Retired: This product has been replaced by a newer version. This page is for your reference only.

The Power Switch Tail is a smart alternative to slicing apart power cords to wire up your own relays. Its a compact 120V 3-pronged extension cord, with a relay board embedded in the middle. Connect to the relay using two screw terminals and activate by providing a 5V signal (40mA current draw). The relay can switch 10 Amp resistive loads such as heaters, small skillets, lights, etc. An LED indicator above the terminals will help you with debugging.

Ideal for people making their own controllable lights, SMT reflow plates, boilers or heaters, coffee roasters, home automation projects, etc.

We even include a NPN transistor and 1K resistor so you can control the relay with a single microcontroller pin, as most cannot provide 40mA.

Please note, this is a safer alternative to wiring up your own relays but still requires common sense and knowledge of electrical circuits. Stay within the rated limit of the relay and de-rate properly when not using resistive loads. Do not leave DIY electrical projects unattended or where they can get wet! This product is intended to be used by advanced hobbyists who are comfortable working with power supplies.

The cable comes with an instruction/schematic sheet, which you can also read here We opened one up and found the relay inside is a G5Q-1A-5V SPDT-NO, see the datasheet here.


  • Cable length: 52cm(20in)
  • Cable width: 8.6mm (0.3in)
  • Switch size: 115mm x 36mm x 27mm (4.5in x 1.4in x 1in)
  • Weight: 187g(6.7oz)

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