Blinky The Snowman


  • Model: snowman
  • Shipping Weight: 0.33Kg
  • 30 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: SpikenzieLabs

Description: This is a basic easy to build electronics kit that blinks LEDs. Built around laser cut and etched acrylic this snowman really catches the light!

What would look cooler on your tree than this D.I.Y. Holiday Season Ornament?

Sized at about 3" Wide, by 5" Tall, this snowman is edge-lit by 10mm flashing green and red LEDs. Comes as a kit that is very easy to solder, CR2032 battery included.

The PCB is a simple RC circuit. Two LEDs one 10mm green and one red LEDs flash in an alternating pattern. Helps understand some electronics fundamentals, and a lot of fun to solder.


-Custom Acrylic etching, ships with protective tape still attached to prevent scratches.
-Printed Circuit Board
-CR2032 Battery & Battery holder.
-2x 100k, 2x 1k Ohm resistors.
-2x 10uf capacitors.
-2x 2n2222 transistors.
-1x 10mm red LED.
-1x 10mm green LED.
-Solid wire to affix the acrylic to the PCB.




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