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This is our bundle version of the The Drum Kit, here we have bundled it with some of it's most popular accessories. This new version 2 of the bundle comes with the DKKAI Roadie, which lets you change notes assigned to the drum pads "on the road" without need to reprogrammed the DKKAI.

Bundle Includes:

  • Drum Kit - Kit AI (This is the full kit with piezos)
  • DKKAI Roadie
  • FTDI USB - Serial Cable
  • 9 volt DC power adapter

With the Drum kit - Kit AI, you can build a permanent electronic drum kit. The kit contains all of the electronics, including the piezo sensors for the drum pads. You build the drum pads yourself, and then connect the Drum Kit - Kit AI to either your computer to play sounds using your favorite audio software or use the MIDI-out port to a connected drum synthesizer. The Drum Kit - Kit AI, has an onboard ATmega, MIDI-out port, connector for a FTDI USB-Serial cable and a host of other great features.

Find the full instructions at the Drum Kit - Kit AI web page.

Use the Drum kit with the Serial MIDI Converter software or use the on board MIDI-Out to connect to your MIDI equipment.

Download: Drum Kit Arduino Sketch
Note: FTDI USB to Serial cable (or chip swap from standard Arduino board) is required on the kit version to load the Drum Kit program. Assembled version comes preprogrammed.


  • Onboard ATmega (frees up your Arduino for other projects).
  • Screw terminals for the drum pad connections (makes changing pads easier).
  • Includes piezos for six drum pads
  • On board Din-5 MIDI-out jack (Use the DKKAI, with your other MIDI equipment).
  • FTDI compatible 90° pin header (makes it easy to program or use our Serial to MIDI software and your computer).
  • DC 2.1mm power jack (power the Drum kit while “on the road”).
  • All the ATmega digital pins are broken out into a two row connector with standard 0.1” spacing. Plus, +5 volts and Ground (make your own accessories, selector buttons etc ...).
  • Four corner mounting holes (Build the Drum Kit into a project box and mount it).
  • On board voltage regulator.
  • Power selector jumper for USB (via optional FTDI cable) or DC power jack.
  • Lots of fun

Building the Drum Kit Kit AI requires: Soldering iron, solder, wire-snips.

Material to make drum pads requires (foam, rubber, metal, wood, glue), and other tools as needed.

Nb: This is the Kit that you assemble yourself. If soldering components isn't your thing.. Check out the assembled version of this kit.

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