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Description: How versatile can a prototyping shield be?

The Shield Dock is a prototyping shield the can be used many different ways.

The idea for the Shield Dock started out when we wanted to use our Sippino with a the VoiceShield to make a talking SIMON style game using RFID cards. This project required both the use of our VoiceShield (a standard Arduino shield) as well as a prototyping area to solder the RFID parts. We could have used a regular Arduino and proto shield but we didn't want to dedicate an expensive Arduino to our project.

We got the idea that it would be great to have a docking station for the Sippino. Giving the Sippino the ability to connect with regular full sized shields. What we ended up with was a super versatile prototyping shield that does a whole lot more than we had originally planned on!

Using the supplied male and female headers you can use the Shield Dock in a variety of ways.

As a:

  • Regular prototyping shield (on top of an Arduino)
  • A break-out of all of the Arduino pins on one side
  • Prototyping shield, with a docked Sippino
  • Arduino style shield to Sippino adapter
  • As a shield breakout, with male pins to bring your shield signals onto your breadboard
  • As a regular Arduino prototyping shield, middle or top position
  • etc ...
There is also enough space on this prototyping shield so you can drop a mini breadboard on top, until your project's bugs are worked out.


  • Bottom silk screening (so that you don't have to keep flipping it over as you solder)
  • All of the Arduino pins brought out in a line on one edge with clear white labeling
  • Screw hole pattern matches the UNO layout
  • Two sets of dual power rails (you decide which are powered or not)
  • Includes more headers than you need (for many ways to use the Shield Dock)
  • Two rows of tripled or doubled up pins for placing DIP chips
  • You decide where in your stack to place it
  • Maximum space for your project
  • Sexy blue solder mask, same as the Sippino & Prototino

Kit Includes:

  • Shield Dock PCB
  • 2x Long 8 pin female headers (the type you find on shields)
  • 2x Long 6 pin female headers
  • 2x 6 pin female headers (the type you find on a standard Arduino)
  • 2x 8 pin female headers
  • 1x 40 pin female header (handy to connect your Sippino to the Shield Dock)
  • 1x 40 pin Male header

Kit does not include; wires, breadbords, Sippino, Arduino or other shields.

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