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Four in a line

Four in a line

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Four in a line


I've always been a last minute Christmas shopper and it has usually worked out. This year I had a request to get a Connect Four game, but I couldn't find it in stock anywhere. So I decided to make my own version of it.

After working like one of Santa's Elfs for a few hours (minus the green tights) I had beautiful Connect Four style game .


You will need:

~ 8 1/2" x 11" Sheet of 1/8" thick acrylic x2 - These are for the front and back panels - any color ~ 6" x 11" Sheet of 1/8" thick acrylic x1 - This is for one set of checkers - any color (but not the same color as the front and back) ~ 6" x 11" Sheet of 1/8" thick acrylic x1 - This is for the other set of checkers - any color (but not the same color as the first set of checkers) ~ 7" x 11" Sheet of 1/4" thick acrylic x1 - These are for the removable side supports - any color you have is ok


1. Cut out all of the parts. 

2. Lay the front or back piece on a flat surface. (front and back are exactly the same)

3. Press fit the eight (8) spacers (the long thin parts) into the piece that is laying flat. 

Note: Spacers are not symmetrical, up and down are not the same - don't force the parts.

4. Take the front (or back) that you did not use and lay it on top of the other part with the spacers. This is the most difficult step! Press evenly and carefully until the front and back are pressed together like a sandwich with the spacers between them.

Note: Don't force the parts. The acrylic can crack easily, use Windex as a lubricant if needed. No glue is required.

Set-Up - Game play:

1. Simply insert tabs from the main playing board into the holes cut into the side supports, and stand the board vertically. 2. Insert the checker retainers into the holes at the bottom of each column.

Start playing:

Each player takes a turn placing one checker into the board. The first player that gets four checkers in a row either horizontal, vertical or diagonal wins. The game board is reset, by pulling the checker retainers out so that the checkers fall out of the game board.

Download the files:

These are the EPS required to cut out the parts for the Four in a Line game:

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