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Cutting PCBs

While building prototypes the need to cut an existing PCBs or generic prototyping PCBs to fit your project will come up once in a while. What I normally do is score the PCB with a box cutting knife or hack … Continue reading

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Need more pins for your Arduino project?

I was working on an Arduino style project the other day and needed just a couple of more pins. I really didn’t want to add any extra circuitry to the project so I looked at the Atmega328 and wondered how … Continue reading

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Fun augmented reality app

Augmented, originally uploaded by Spikenzie. I really get a kick out of augmented reality applications. The photo above was made using an iPhone and a free augmented reality app. The photo on the left shows the target that the app … Continue reading

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DKKAI Roadie

DKKAI Roadie, originally uploaded by Spikenzie. The DKKAI has a two row connector on board designed for expansions. Here we are working on a prototype of the “DKKAI Roadie”. With the Roadie, your can change the midi notes associated with … Continue reading

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