DKKAI Roadie

By | November 9, 2010

DKKAI Roadie, originally uploaded by Spikenzie.

The DKKAI has a two row connector on board designed for expansions. Here we are working on a prototype of the “DKKAI Roadie”. With the Roadie, your can change the midi notes associated with each drum head completely ‘on the fly’.  No need to edit the sketch, recompile & upload.  The changes are instant.  We named this expansion hack the Roadie, just like a real band Roadie.  Ours parties just as hard.  Maybe a Sparkfun Alcohol sensor could find a place on it.

Included on the Roadie is a connector that is designed specifically for Macetech’s Awesome ShiftBrite products. Imagine, drumming beats and creating a cool light show at the same time.

We are trying to keep the DKKAI Roadie simple, however if you can think of other really cool features that would add to the cool-factor..  Let us know!

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