Multipack of Electrolytic Capacitors - 12 types 10 of each


  • Model: CK-12CAPS-10TYPES
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1Kg
  • 9 Units in Stock

Description: Multipack of 12 types of electrolytic capacitors. 10x of each.

Specifications: Really handy for experimenting, or when your schematic requires a capacitor of a particular value.

In this multipack you get 10 of each of the following:

1uf at 50V
2.2uf at 50V
3.3uf at 50V
4.7uf at 50V
10uf at 25V
22uf at 25V
33uf at 25V
47uf at 25V
100uf at 16V
220uf at 16V
330uf at 10V
470uf at 16V

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