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Cherry MX Keycap - R2 (Translucent)


  • Model: PRT-15306
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Description: Cherry MX switches are great for building your own keyboards. Whether you are looking to build a full sized 108-key keyboard, your own 10-key, or just a custom input for your computer Cherry MX switches give you that satisfying keyboard click. Now we carry keycaps to make your project a little more professional looking. This keycap comes in an Opaque Black which allows you to add a solid professional finish to your keys. You can still mark these with a permanent marker or use a sticker or other marking device. While many of the Cherry MX switches have a spot for an LED it will not show through this keycap.

Keyboards actually have many types of keys. We all know the space bar and caps lock look different. But what about the "J" and "F" which tend to have a small ridge on them so you know where your fingers go? Not to mention all the different letters and such. But did you know that even within the letters each row of keys has a different slant? We decided to go with a R2 keycap as a nice middle ground to get you started.


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