Povard v2 Upgrade DIP Chip


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Description: This is the v2 upgrade for existing Povards. (All new Povards from the SpikenzieLabs Store now come with the v2 upgrade included.)

With the introduction of the latest Arduino model, the Arduino UNO, the Arduino programing language / compiler (IDE) changed and created a software incompatibility with the Povard. As of this update Povard would not work with the new software and any Arduino model. The solution for folks with older Arduinos was to simply use the Arduino 19 software, but now with this upgrade, Arduino UNO users can now use the Povard.

Upgraded Features:

  • Works with the UNO and Arduino IDE 19 and higher.
  • Uploads message about 3 times faster ~ 4 seconds.
  • Added "repeat message" variable. ie, press power (or trigger) and message will show X numbers of times.
  • Activated the AUX. button "trigger" input. (for spinning the Povard to trigger on a switch.)

Assembly is required. To upgrade your Povard, simply removed the eight pin PIC chip and replace it with this one. To remove the chip, slide a flat screwdriver under each side of the chip and gently pry it up.

Tools required:

  • Small flat head screwdriver or IC puller

NOTE: The v2 Povard chip does not work with the old v1 sketch. Get the NEW Povard v2 Loader Arduino Sketch here: PovardLoaderV2

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