Solder : Time™ Watch

By | July 6, 2011
Solder : Time Watch

Solder : Time Watch - A kit you solder yourself, or ready made.

Debuted at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011, we created this watch to let your ‘inner geek’ shine.  Soldering isn’t one of your talents? Well, we have these available assembled and ready to wear as well.

This started out as a project, where we just simply wanted to make a watch.  What we ended up with is our first ‘wearable’ kit.  Surprisingly the Solder : Time has universal appeal; younger folks just ooo-and-aww, and inquire where they can get one. Even people in their golden years have had impressive praise.  “This is a great product for people who have trouble seeing small numbers.”

You can order one already soldered, or in kit form here:

Encased in four layers of laser cut clear acrylic, all of the circuity is easily seen, top, bottom, and sides.

We developed a special algorithm for uniformly lighting the display as bright as possible but where it is only lit for a few seconds each time the button is pressed. The result is amazing battery life for the included CR2032 battery.

Optionally, you can badge-clip it to your clothes, computer bag, or anywhere.

Want to turn the Solder : Time into a desk clock? No problem! Jumper the pads for the ‘always on’ function.  Supply the Solder : Time with 3v (pair of AAA, or AA batteries) and it will always be lit. More of a hard core hacker / modifier? The Solder : Time PCB has extra pads broken out to access the RTC over I2C, pads to access the ICSP to  reprogram the controller PIC, and even one extra pad connected directly to the PIC.

If you’ve arrived here by way of, and you’d like to save 5$ on one of these watches,  use discount code : solder5time in our online store.

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