TEA5767 FM Radio Receiver Breakout


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Description: TEA5767 FM radio receiver breakout board.

Specifications: Just about as small as it can get, this board is a FM radio tuner that is controlled over I2C.

  • FM stereo radio chip TEA5767 from Philips
  • Frequencies: 76-108 MHz (covering European, American and Japanese FM band)
  • PLL synthesizer tuner
  • controlled via I2C or 3-wire interface
  • 3.3V power supply

Orient the PCB top side facing you, crystal at the bottom. Pin 1 is top left, Pin 10 is top right

Pin 1- Data
Pin 2- Clock
Pin 3- Busmode
Pin 4- Write / Read
Pin 5- VCC
Pin 6-Gnd
Pin 7- Right audio output
Pin 8- Left audio output
Pin 9- MPxo
Pin 10- Antenna

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