SPLixel Single RGB LEDs (5 Pack)


  • Model: SPL-022004
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  • Manufactured by: SpikenzieLabs

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Description: The SPLixel Single is a single WS2812B addressable RGB LED mounted to a tiny PCB. Each PCB is a super small .36x.46"! The WS2812B LEDs are very colorful and very powerful! In fact, we'd say they are our favorite LEDs. To control them, they do require very specific signals with very specific timing. To drive them without re-inventing the wheel on your own, there are some WS281x libraries around that you can use with an Arduino, and also our own SPLixel Basic LED driver.

The SPLixel Singles love breadboards. Designed so that they perfectly over the center of a breadboard (like a small six legged IC - please see the photo above)!

On each side there are three 0.1" spaced (breadboard friendly) holes that you can solder on pin headers or wires. Common on both sides are the pins for +5v and ground. One data-in pin on one side and a data out pin on the other. Data flows with the arrow. This way you can chain them together.

  • 5 volts
  • Standard 0.1" pins spaces at 0.3" across
  • Size: 0.36x0.46" (9.1x11.6mm)
  • 5x SPLixel Single RGB LEDs

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