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Description: This is the Handi Vac ESD safe vacuum pick-up tool for SMD parts. Give the handle a squeeze, place the tip against your part and release the pressure. The vacuum holds your part against the tip. Squeeze the handle again , and your part is released.

Easily pickup SMD parts. This tool includes four probes with vacuum cups. One 1/4 inch cup, a 3/8 inch cup and two 1/8 inch cups. With it, you can easily handle up to 3-ounce objects. Perfect for surface mount chips, ICs, transistors, and small parts. Tips and headers change easily and can even be connected directly to the tool. Vacuum cup rubber is ESD safe.

The short length makes this tool easy to hold. We tested one of these out on a QFN-32 chip, and it held it with a nice amount of force.

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