10 Watt Solar Panel : Weather-Sealed


  • Model: SPL-SOL-10W
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Description: This is a professional grade, weather-sealed 10 watt solar panel. Polycrystalline solar segments, mounted under tempered glass. They are rated at for 10w, 0.6 amps. Our tests with a multimeter showed 24 volts (open circuit) even when not in direct sunlight.

Junction box on the back with a rubber grommet to pass a wires into the box with a hold down strain relief. Inside there a pair of terminals to screw down your wires.


  • Dimensions: 14.5 W x 11.5 H x 1.0 D
  • Cell type: Polycrystalline
  • Nominal power Pmax[W]: 10W
  • Voltage Mpp Vmp[V]: 16.8V
  • Current Mpp Imp[A]: 0.6A
  • Volt Open circuit Voc[V]: 21.4V
  • Short circuit Isc[A]: 0.68A
  • Max System Volt[V]: 715V


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