Piezo breakout board with Piezo


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Description: This breakout board allows you to more easily connect a piezo to your microprocessor. When a piezo senses a vibration it outputs an AC signal with voltages that can go much higher that your microprocessor can handle. On board the breakout there is a zener diode that keeps only the DC part of the signal and also simply shorts the signal to ground if it goes too high, thus protecting your sensitive microprocessor circuitry. The signal is also pulled down through a high value resistor. This helps "clear" the signal after the piezo stops vibrating. This is a similar technique to what we used on our drum kits.

Easy Hook Up:

  • Connect piezo to screw terminal: black wire to "GND" and red wire to "INPUT".
  • Connect your microprocessor's ground to the "-" pin.
  • Connect one of your microprocessor's analog pins to the "S" pin.
  • The "+" pin is not connected on the breakout board, so just leave it disconnected.


  • Piezo breakout PCB
  • Piezo 27mm

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