SpikenzieLabs LCD Interface Kit (MPTH v3)


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Description: The SpikenzieLabs LCD Interface (MPTHv3) is our newest LCD Interface, based on the MPTH, this version has digital brightness control, giving the user digital addressable control of the Display.


  • Digital brightness backlight control
  • Supports multiple size character LCD displays (1x16, 2x16, 2x40, 4x20)
  • Has pin-outs for LCDs with either 1x14(16) or 2x7 pins
  • 80 Character buffer
  • Four GPIO pins. (General purpose input / output pins)
  • One PWM (Pulse width modulation) pin
  • Baud rates up to 115.2k (300,1200,2400,9600,19.2k,57.6k,115.2k bps)
  • USB Connectivity (with FTDI USB cable)
  • TTL Serial
  • I2C
  • User settable I2C address
  • User settable command character
  • User settable auto output of GPIO changes
  • Dual simultaneous interface Serial and I2C (Both on all the time)
  • User settable Splash Screen
  • Optional echo of display text to serial port
  • Easy to turn, robust trimmer pot for contrast
  • Easy to easy to build kit, with through hole parts
  • “Junk” command watch dog timer
  • Small size

This version of the SpikenzieLabs LCD Interface comes as a kit, assembly required.

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