Multifunction Basic Power Supply Test Line - Banana to Various


  • Model: ADA-3523
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Description: What is this thing? Not 100% sure but they look sort of cool and we hear they are great for use with your bench top equipment or even a multimeter with banana jacks.

Each connector has two banana plugs that go into your power supply or multimeter, and on the other end three options: red and black alligator clips, red and black mini-grabbers and a USB A jack. That's a lot of options in one unit! There's also a yellow and green wire set that connect to the USB power pins (not data pins) - we're a little puzzled what they're for and we cut them off our set at home since they're a little confusing.

These test lines are not rated for temperature, voltage or current, so we recommend them for up to 12VDC and up to 2 Amps.


  • Total end-to-end length: 24"
  • Weight: 46.8g

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