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Description: The GfxHax drink shield is an Arduino shield that converts an arduino into an Open Source Breathalyzer. This kit is a blast from the "recent" past. We found five of them that had never been added to our stock listing. So blow'm while you got them, after they are gone they're gone, they're gone.

The DrinkShield comes complete with a light bar to show the intoxiciation levels.  There is a series of 11 lights down one side of the shield that go from green to yellow and ultimately to red.  There are also player ready lights.  Why are there player ready lights?  Well, this is because the shield is not just a standard Breathalyzer but can be used as a party game.  With the GfxHax drinkShield you also get a GPL game that lets you play with your friends and keep highscores!  This software is licensed under the GPL so you can add features and will have unlimited free updates to new versions.

The drinkShield itself is licensed under the Creative Commons license and is free to modifications.  The libraries and Source code are licensed under the GPL or public domain.  It comes as a kit and is a really fun starter project to those just learning how to solder.  This kit is specifically designed for Hackerspaces around the world.  A hackerspace can host a class and afterwards celebrate by throwing a party!

From The DrinkShield's old sales text:
The GfxHax DrinkShields are easy to build and a great tool to learn and get better at soldering. The boards are silk screened so that every part is marked on the board to easily identify what part goes where. If you have built electronic kits before you shouldn't need a tutorial to assemble this kit.
This quote is sort of important; there is a link below with lots of info in it, but there are no build instructions. If you have built kits before and if you look at the photo, you will see that the assembly and soldering are probably pretty easy.


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