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Trackball - PS/2


  • Model: COM-10758
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Description: If you’re looking for a fun input device for your project this thing is a ball… really! This trackball communicates via PS/2 just like your computer mouse (okay, like your old computer mouse) and provides X and Y axis control as well as three separate button-clicks (activated by pulling the included spade connectors to ground). The ball itself is 2 inches in diameter, made from clear acrylic and lit from below by four LEDs: two green LEDs show that the trackball is powered, two red LEDs indicate a button-click.

This thing is just begging to be hacked. The 4x4x1.6" case simply snaps together and can be pulled apart with very little effort. It also has a 7/32" mounting hole at each of it’s four corners that drops all of the way through the case.

Note: The pinout for the button-click spade connectors is as follows: black is GND; white is right-click; yellow is left-click; and red is middle-click (‘scroll-wheel’ click). The ground line has 3 spade connectors, one for each button. They can be connected directly to our Concave Arcade Buttons!

Dimensions: 4 x 4 inches, 1.6" tall without ball / 2.4" including ball.


  • PS/2 interface
  • 5 foot cable
  • Left/Middle/Right-Click Button Leads
  • Red and Green Status LEDs
  • 2" Clear Acrylic Ball


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