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Description: The DKKAI Roadie is an add on for the Drum Kit Kit AI. It allows you to change the MIDI notes associated with your drum pads without the need to reprogram the Drum Kit using the Arduino software.

Think of the DKKAI Roadie a your own personal roadie that can travel with your drum kit. It lets you decide, whenever you like, if you want to change that symbol into a cow bell etc .. Get the roadie working for you!

PLUS: The DKKAI Roadie has pin outs for the MaceTech ShiftBrite LED products. Connect up to six ShiftBrite products (one per drum pad) to the DKKAI Roadie and you don't only have a Drum Kit, you have a full sounds and lights concert! Each time you hit a pad, the ShiftBrite will give you a blast of colorful light.


  • Fits nicely onto the Drum Kit Kit AI.
  • Indicator LEDs let you know if you are in play mode or program mode.
  • Change notes while out an a gig.
  • ShiftBrite compatible pin-out on board for visual drum effects.
  • Individual drum pad color control.

Since this is a kit, assembly is required. The kit contains all of the parts to build and connect it to your Drum Kit Kit AI. You supply the simple tools and supplies listed below.

Tools & Supplies required:

Documentation: Web page and instructions: DKKAI Roadie

Download: NEW Drum Kit Arduino Sketch with DKKAI Roadie support.

Drum Kit Kit AI and ShiftBrite sold separately.

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