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Description: This is a two relay breakout board. With it you can control up to two relays that are capable of switching up to 250VAC @ 10A. No assembly is required!

The board has 2 sealed relays that are controlled by 5 volt logic signals. When a relay is triggered a red LED lights. The logic pins are broken out to a standard 0.1" pin header and screw terminal connectors on either side of the board for the relay connections. These relays are very easy to use. In fact, if you are using an Arduino in your project the only other thing you need to control the relays is a few male - female jumper wires!

Caution: There are exposed traces on the bottom of this board, so follow proper precautions, if connecting this to high voltages. As always with high current and voltage, play it safe and use your judgment when deciding how much of a load you want to put on a board – in open airflow the PCB can handle close to the full current for a few minutes at a time, but in an enclosed area heat can build up (as would be required with high voltage).

Note: Please keep in mind that this board is really meant for someone with experience and good knowledge of electricity. If you’re uncomfortable dealing with high voltage and that is what your project requires, please check out the PowerSwitch Tail II. The PowerSwitch Tail II is fully enclosed, making it a lot safer.


  • VCC requirements: 5V, 150mA capable
  • Trigger logic current is 4ma per pin
  • Relay coil current is 70ma per relay
  • Relay ratings 250VAC @ 10A
  • Relay ratings 125VAC @ 10A
  • Relay ratings 30VDC @ 10A
  • Relay ratings 28VDC @ 10A

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