TDA7297 15w Stereo Audio Amplifier Board


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Description: Stereo Audio Amplifer 15w

Specifications: This is a simple stereo audio amplifier. Using the TDA7297 Dual-Channel Amplifier chip.

Supply 9-18v DC, (recommended and tested with 12v) and connect a set of speakers. Stereo mini-jack input from your audio device and you have a pretty great little amplifier. Output impedance is 4 to 8 ohms.

We did some experimenting with this amp in the shop, using a salvaged set of speakers. Really needed to not set the dial too high, it's got plenty of punch. Sure you're not going to DJ a party with this, but it can output more than you need for a typical hobby project application. Comes with a volume knob, and a nut to fasten it through a hole in a housing.

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