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Retired: This product has been replaced by the MPTH (Message Pump Through Hole) Kit or Assembled. This page is for your reference only.

The Message Pump is a device that allows you to connect a LCD display directly to your computer. It uses a PIC micro-controller, to drive the LCD and a FTDI USB to serial chip to connect to your computer.

The Message Pump works directly with most Hitachi compatible LCD displays. It features both a straight 1x16 pin connector for newer LCDs and the older 2x7 pin connector so that you can use it with either our large 2x40 character LCD display (PN: SPL-003001) or one of your own.

Detailed usage instructions can be found here.

Features with Firmware v2:

  • Works with both 1x16 pin and 2x7 pin LCDs

  • Dual active I2C and USB

  • Serial Baud Rates (Via USB Virtual Serial port)
    • 300
    • 1200
    • 2400
    • 9600
    • 19.2K
    • 57.6K

  • I2C (Requires user supplied pull-up resistors)
    • Default slave address: 64 Dec / 0x40 Hex / b'01000000'
    • User settable

  • Splash Screen
    • User settable message
    • User settable ON / OFF

  • 80 character buffer

  • Adjustable display size
    • 1x16
    • 2x16
    • 2x40
    • 4x20

  • Hitachi LCD command pass through

  • Trim pot LCD contrast adjustment

  • Optional: User installable LCD backlight current limiting resistor

  • User settable Message Pump command character

  • User possible: Factory default reset

  • 5 Volt

  • Low power ~1.3ma

  • Temperature range: 5-40° C (41-104° F)

Does not include pin headers.

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