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Description: The Geiger Counter Kit ++ is a bundle that contains The MightyOhm Geiger Counter Kit, Geiger-Muller tube and the ++ (a custom laser-cut case and batteries).

How cool is this! You can make an actual geiger counter with this kit. It will measure beta particles and gamma rays. When they are present the Geiger counter will make and audio click and a LED will blink.

MightyOhm designed this kit to be hackable and added a bunch of neat features; a serial connection that uses the standard FTDI USB-Serial cable interface so you can output a log data, a three pin pulse connector that is triggered every time the geiger tube fires. It is based on the ATtiny2313 with the source code downloadable (see below).

One of the great things about the this bundle is not only that the laser cut acrylic case looks amazing it also protects you (or your friends or your dogs nose) from the high voltages used to run the geiger tube.


  • Great looking laser cut acrylic case
  • 100% Open Source Hardware!
  • LED and piezo speaker alert you to detected radioactivity
  • Mute button for silent operation
  • An ATtiny2313 microcontroller brain that is begging to be hacked!
  • Headers for serial (9600 baud), in-circuit programming of the AVR microcontroller, and pulse output (to connect the geiger counter to other stuff!)
  • Serial data logging! Counts per second (CPS), counts per minute (CPM), and equivalent dose are reported via the serial port once a second.

Bundle Includes:

  • Geiger Counter kit - The PCB and all the electronic parts
  • Geiger Counter Laser cut acrylic case with hardware
  • Geiger-Müller Tube
  • 2x AAA Batteries


Tools & Supplies required: Soldering Iron, solder and wire snips.

***** WARNING *****
This Geiger Counter kit is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Don’t even think about using it to monitor radiation in life-threatening situations, or in any environment where you may expose yourself to dangerous levels of radiation. Don’t rely on the collected data to be an accurate measure of radiation exposure!

Be safe!

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