Solenoid with lock style slug -12v


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Description: "Cluck" that is what you hear when this solenoid gets energized. The sort of noise that makes you know the door (or what-ever) is now open!

This solenoid draws a lot of current when energized. If you are connecting it via a switch to a power supply - you should be good. If on the other hand you are controlling it with a micro-controller you will need a driver or power transistor and other assorted parts to make sure you do not damage your micro-controller.

Lock plunger "can" sort-of be turned 180 deg (You would do this to match the swing of your door). There are two Phillips screws screws in the top which can be removed. Then it is possible to flip the internal solenoid over 180 deg and re-screwed on. If you need to do this flip, care must be taken. The wires come out the side of the mounting body, so once the internal solenoid is flipped the hole through the body is on the wrong side. Care and or another hole will be required.

Uses: All kinds of doors, windows, boxes, cabinets, safes, and other cases, or whatever creative project you come up with!

Specs and sizes:

  • Weight: 149 grams
  • Length: 53mm
  • Weight: 37mm (including mounting flange
  • Plunger (lock) travel: 10mm
  • Mounting hole spacing (from center of holes) 30x30mm
  • Wire length: ~37cm
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Amps: ~ 900 mA @ 12 volts
  • Designed to be energized intermittently ~ < 10 seconds at a time


  • 1x Lock style solenoid with attached wire.

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