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The Tactile Metronome is a tap-controlled or tap-tempo metronome and beat looper. Syncopation machine. Metronome with an attitude.

You tap the piezo speaker to set the rhythm. The display shows the beats per minute, and the two buttons adjust the speed.

Ehhh. Boring, you say. Not so fast!

You can tap patterns into it, currently up to 12 beats long. As long as you tap the pattern in three times, it jumps in and continues beeping in that rhythm. If you hold one of the buttons while turning the metronome on, the pitch of the beep will be higher or lower, so you can play with more than one at a time.

* Does not need an Arduino or any other microcontroller board or programmer. This is a completely self-contained kit that only needs a soldering iron and some other basic tools to assemble. Once assembled, it only needs batteries for hours of taptastic fun.
* Easy to assemble kit makes for a great learning experience. All parts are easy-to-solder through-hole, with no tiny surface mount parts.
* Fully open-source design means that everything is freely available and ready to be hacked, including the circuit schematic, PCB layout, part list, and microcontroller firmware.
* Piezoelectric speaker is used as the pattern input, by simply tapping in the tempo or pattern. Once the metronome learns your pattern, it starts beeping with the same piezo element.
* Seven-segment displays provide feedback in the form of beats-per-minute (BPM) readings.
* Custom, professionally-made PCB provides a solid base for happy tappers. All circuit connections are routed on two layers without the use of vias, reducing confusion while assembling.
* A Pre-programmed Microcontroller means you don’t need a specialized microcontroller programmer to get started with the Tactile Metronome. If you want to experiment with modifying the firmware, an in-circuit serial programming (ICSP) header is provided to enable easy re-programming.

Technical Information


The Tactile Metronome Kit requires a soldering iron, solder, and a pliers. All the soldering is through-hole, and it isn’t difficult. It may take a soldering newbie around 30 minutes, and an experienced solderer 15 minutes. It’s a great kit to learn to solder with.

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