CD DVD Spindle Motor


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Description: This is a DVD/CD Spindle Motor, that thing that's inside a CD or DVD player, that turns the disc around really fast. These motors have some great benefits that make them easier to use than '130' style DC hobby motors.

For one, they're mostly flat on the end, so you can tape or glue it to a flat surface easily. They are well balanced, don't vibrate a lot which makes them nice and quiet compared to most other motors (they're not totally silent)

They spin fast, about 3500 RPM at full power - can PWM the motor driver to reduce speed 20 mA free running current, 400mA stalled.

The motor is rated at 5.9V max. You can use 3V to 6V DC, the speed and torque may vary They've already got a plastic hub on em, so its super easy to attach whatever you like.

It is a motor, so you'll need a motor driver to control it. We recommend an Adafruit Motor Shield for Arduino or L293D.


  • 5.9V max
  • Motor diameter: ~22mm
  • Spindle diameter: 30mm
  • Product Weight: 22.4g / 0.8oz
  • Datasheet

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