4 Digit 7-Segment Breakout Kit


  • Model: SPL-4x7SEGBO
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  • Manufactured by: SpikenzieLabs

Description: The this is a break out for a four digit seven segment LED display (Similar to this one). This kit allows you to easily hook-up the LED display to your project. The PCB included in the kit brings all of the LED's pins out along one edge (super for working with breadboards!). As an added ease of use bonus there is also an illustration on the PCB showing which of the LED segments connect to which pins.

Included in the kit is a set of 470 ohm resistors that allow the segments to be driven safely directly from a 5 volt source. We use the resistors as "training wheels" while we are prototyping projects that use these types of LED displays. Like all LEDs if you don't have a current limiting resistor and you allow too much current to flow thru it could break the LED. We didn't leave a place on the PCB for the resistors since some folks will use PWM to drive the LEDs directly without resistors. For our Solder : Time watch kit we didn't have much room in the watch so we used PWM to drive the LEDs at a safe level.

This kit is great for counting, temperature and clock projects.


  • Bright Red LED display
  • Easy through hole soldering
  • On PCB illustration of LED segments
  • Works great with a breadboard
  • Colon, dot and decimal points


  • 4-Digit 7-Segment Red LED display
  • PCB
  • 0.1" Male pin headers
  • 470 ohm resistors

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