Povard (Red LEDs - Black Bezel) - Kit


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NEW version 2: Now works with the new Arduino software and UNO.


The Povard, one of the most revolutionary POV devices created especially for electronics enthusiasts.
After you have soldered and assembled the Povard, all you need is an Arduino, and your computer to program your message.

No convoluted adapters or drivers needed. If you know how to upload a sketch to an Arduino, you already know how to program a Povard.

Check out the link below. We take you through each step of the kit building and usage.


  • 8 Big bright LEDs
  • Custom messages up to 24 characters
  • Super customizable
  • Java Applet for custom characters and patterns
  • Make your own graphic messages, not limited to ASCII characters
  • Slick laser cut & etched acrylic bezel
  • Powered by common AA batteries
  • Programmed using your Arduino
  • Does not monopolize your Arduino
  • Comes as an easy to build kit
  • Another SpikenzieLabs original design.

Instructions and downloads:

The Povard Home Page and build instructions.

NOTE: The v2 Povard chip does not work with the old v1 sketch. Get the NEW Povard v2 Loader Arduino Sketch here: PovardLoaderV2

Old Povard Loader Arduino Sketch v1: PovardLoaderV1

NEW Upgraded Features for v2:

  • Works with the UNO and Arduino IDE 19 and higher.
  • Uploads message about 3 times faster ~ 4 seconds.
  • Added "repeat message" variable. ie, press power (or trigger) and message will show X numbers of times.
  • Activated the AUX. button "trigger" input. (for spinning the Povard to trigger on a switch.)

Note: Arduino, batteries and computer not included.

Compatibility issue with v1: There is an issue with the newest version of the Arduino IDE >19 which does not allow older v1 Povards to load new messages. If you have a Duemilanove (or earlier) simply use Arduino IDE v19 or earlier with the v1 Povard or you can get the upgraded Povard v2 PIC here.

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