The Halloween Pumpkin Orange Useless Machine


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The Limited Edition Halloween Pumpkin Useless Machine is a great kit to build with kids that love Halloween. This "scary" machine acts like there is a little ghost inside turning itself off every time you turn it on.

It's the same price as the standard no soldering required Useless Machine, but only available for a limited time.

The Halloween Useless Machine has these great features:

  • Easy to assemble
  • No soldering required (Pre-assembled circuit board, use only a screw driver to attach battery and motor wires)
  • Clean laser cut acrylic design.
  • The motor and switch assembly is one piece (The motor, arm, both switches, LED lights and screw on battery terminals are all part of the same activation unit.)
  • Two color LED arm lighting (Green LED while the arm is going up and red while it is going down)
  • Robust and smooth hinge design

What's included in the kit?

  • Laser cut and etched acrylic adhesive backed Pumpkin.
  • Laser cut acrylic case, arm, and motor mount.
  • Motor
  • Battery holder
  • Assembled circuit board with screw terminals for attaching batteries and motor
  • Door pre assembled with robust 1/4" acrylic hinge
  • Large Silicone non slip feet
  • Hardware pack with screws, bolts, washers, stand-offs, Velcro and nuts

Not included but necessary to build The Useless Machine

  • Small size Phillips screw driver (x shape)
  • Small size flat blade screw driver
  • 3 AAA batteries


Build Instructions: The Useless Machine Instructions Guide

Other info: Circuit schematic

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