TEA5767 FM Stereo Radio Module


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Description: TEA5767 FM Stereo Radio Module Full Breakout Module


Stereo 1/8" jack for audio output, and a second one for antenna (Supplied).
Create an Arduino controlled FM radio tuner!

  • Power supply: 5v
  • Circuit board size: 31mm * 30mm
  • Frequency range : 76-108 MHZ
  • With the power supply reverse protection diode
  • Power output filter inductance on board
  • Multiple capacitance combination filter
  • Blue power light
  • The antenna port can be directly plugged
  • I2C bus communication
  • Built in Phillips FM radio special chip module TEA5767
  • On board headphone amplifier chip TDA1308 as audio amplification

Dr.Monk has a great wire up and sample arduino code for this little tuner. For something so small and so cheap, the sound out of a plain set of headphones is pretty great

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