LM2587 DC to DC Boost - Step Up Converter


  • Model: CK-LM2587-DCDCBOOST
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Supply 3.5v to 30v and manually adjust the output from 4v to 30v at a 5A.


Be sure to install in a well ventilated area. Always ensure good heat dissipation with these types of devices.


  • Input voltage range: 3.5V-30V
  • Output voltage range: 4.0V-30V
  • Input maximum current: 5A
  • Continuous Current: 3A
  • Output voltage and input voltage ratio is not greater than 3

Test if the output voltage, be sure is not higher than the input voltage. When you adjust the potentiometer clockwise, the output voltage will rise. DO NOT adjust counter-clockwise. A higher input voltage than the output voltage may damage the unit.

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