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Version 2.0 Update
As of April 28th, 2011, the OctoBrite CYANEA has been improved in version 2.0. New LEDs have been selected, resulting in a reduction in price but equal or better brightness. The color order of the channels has changed. Additional changes: GND and VLED are now available on pads adjacent to the original six data and power pads. The GND and VLED pads on the ends of the PCB are now on 0.2" spacing instead of 0.3" spacing. Two mounting holes have been removed, the remaining two holes are now on the centerline of the PCB for more reliable mounting.

The OctoBrite is a unique product that allows independent control of eight bright RGB LEDs. It is based on a Texas Instruments TLC5947 24-channel PWM LED driver. Each channel has an independent 12-bit PWM, for very smooth color control. Since each channel is an independent PWM and current control, there is no reduction in brightness often found in strobed matrix methods of driving larger numbers of LEDs.

Click here for OctoBrite documentation and examples.

The LEDs are spaced on 1/2" centers, and that spacing is preserved if multiple OctoBrites are placed end to end or side by side.

Controlling the OctoBrite is very easy; shift in 12 bits times 24 channels, toggle the latch pin, and the new color values are displayed. The shift register output allows many OctoBrites to be chained together. The OctoBrite ideally needs two power supply voltages; one 5V logic supply and one 3.3V to 4V supply for the LEDs. However, it can operate on 5V for both supplies, though the controller may become very warm. Patterns that don't require all LEDs to be on full power at the same time should not cause any overheating problems. Additional heatsinking will also increase the possible LED supply voltage.

The OctoBrite is supplied without headers; user-supplied headers or direct wiring must be soldered to the power and data pads.

This product uses RoHS-compliant components and lead-free solder.

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