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Description: The Solder : Time II is the latest version of our Solder : Time watch. This new version is even more hackable than ever. The on board microcontroller in this model is the very popular ATmega328P used in many of the current versions of Arduino. In fact, you can reprogram your watch using the same Arduino IDE software that you use for a regular Arduino.

The Solder : Time II has a much more impressive display. Four 5x7 LED matrix modules gives you control of a 7x20 matrix for a total of 140 LEDs!

The new LED matrix allows for an amazing amount of information to be displayed; time, date, month, words, scrolling messages, graphics, special characters ... the possibilities are endless. The ST2 also has a piezo buzzer for the alarm. You can also use it to add sounds to you custom programming or even games!


  • It's an "Arduino" easy to hack / reprogram
  • Unique conversation starter
  • Display is made of four 5x7 LED matrix modules (Total 140 pixels)
  • Two button interface
  • Display Text, time, numbers, graphics etc ...
  • Create graphic animations and scrolling text
  • On board full size (.1" spacing) FTDI style header for reprogramming
  • ATmega serial port (TX & RX) not used by the watch circuit, available to interface accessories
  • Low power sleep mode
  • Self-contained; battery, circuits and displays all contained in watch body
  • Stylized laser cut clear acrylic watch body
  • One size fits all velcro wrist band
  • Dallas 1337S+ Real time clock (RTC)
  • Hours, Minutes, Seconds
  • Year, Month, Day, Day of week
  • Two separate Alarms possible
  • Piezo alarm buzzer


  • Fully assembled and tested Solder : Time II Watch.
  • Battery


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